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The Liehtalanniemi Museum Estate
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The Liehtalanniemi Museum Estate
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Ylössaarentie 205

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Postal address: Puumala municipality, Keskustie 14, FI-52200 Puumala

Opening times/guide:
Tel. +358 (0)50 340 3858

At other times/Travel Info:
Tel. +358 (0)50 562 0706

Jun 12th–Aug 30th
Mon to Fri 11am–6pm
Sat to Sun 11am–4pm

Closed on Midsommer Eve

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The Elements of Southern Savo – Earth – Forests and the earth's bounty

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The Liehtalanniemi Museum Estate summer brochure 2020

Adults 3,50 €

Family ticket 7 €

Groups (min 10 people) 3 €/person

Overnight cost 8 € (on a boat or on camp site)

The Liehtalanniemi Museum Estate is located in Niinisaari, approx. 14 km from downtown Puumala towards Imatra. People have lived in Liehtalanniemi since 1899. The buildings on the estate are from the turn of the 19th century. Liehtalanniemi was converted into a museum and a 22-ha nature reserve was established in 1984. The museum is owned and run by the municipality of Puumala.

Liehtalanniemi is a unique example of the way of life on a small, out-of-the-way farm at the turn of the 20th century, as it has preserved the traditional farm infrastructure with its group of old grey buildings, its patches of field, its old slash-and-burn forests and grazing pastures with their traditional structures.

Besides the main building, the estate also has a barn, a hay barn, a smoke sauna and a clothing and food storehouse. The current main building has been expanded and converted from a one-room house built in the mid 1940s into a two-room house. In addition, the museum now has a potato cellar, a net shed, two frames for drying hay, a draw well and a kota.

Liehtalanniemi is a working museum: during the summer, the estate is full of animals and environmental work is done using traditional methods. In the future, too, effort will be put into preserving the estate as a high-quality nature and cultural protection site.

Liehtala’s last full-time resident was the eccentric hermit Jalmari Reponen, who lived on the estate from 1948 to 1976. Reponen is still remembered in Puumala.

A marked nature path is near the museum in the nature preserve. In addition, it is possible to spend the night on the shore of the museum grounds on a boat, on the beach or in a tent. Furthermore, there is also a wine farm, a restaurant, a smithy & gallery, a porcelain atelier, etc., nearby.

In addition, it is possible to spend the night on the shore of the museum grounds on a boat or on camp site. Overnight cost 8 €.

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