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A development project for the museum activities and cooperation of the local museums in Southern Savo, which was partially funded by the EU, took place at the Savonlinna Provincial Museum from 2006–2007. Funding was provided by the Regional Council of Southern Savo. The objective of the project was to create a development strategy and programme for the local museums in Southern Savo, to promote local and regional cooperation between museums, to boost the use of local museums in tourism, etc., and to improve the accessibility of cultural heritage in museums.

One of the results of the local museum project was a website for the museums that aimed to increase their notability and awareness, to enhance their marketing and to present the cultural heritage they preserve. The website of museums in Southern Savo on the Internet is split into two parts: presentations of the museums and the Elements of Southern Savo exhibition.


Southern Savo has 14 municipalities, which have a total of 42 local museums, attractions and exhibitions.

There are four professionally run museums; the rest are run by non-professionals or are run by the towns in conjunction with their other cultural activities.


The ancient Greeks believed that the cosmos consisted of four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. The idea of four or more elements was also known in other cultures, such as India and China, as well. What would Southern Savo look like if we assumed it consisted of these four classical elements? Visit our local museums to find out!

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